Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Beauty, Wellness and Regeneration Ayurveda is the oldest holistic system of mind-body healing and health maintenance in the world.
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The Elaine Dodson site will be undergoing a facelift. Check back frequently for updates you will enjoy.

Watch for updates to our upcoming 2016 Sacred Journey Retreat to Sacred Tepotzlsn, Mexico.

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"Cooking For The Guru -
A Karma-Free Diet" Cookbook.

Beauty, Wellness, and Regeneration

Ayurveda, a healthy life begins with Body - Mind - Spirit"Outer beauty is simply a reflection of an inner state of wellness." This is the biggest secret I have learned during my years of assisting women to look and feel fabulous. Life is a journey toward the balance of the body... the mind... and the spirit. That journey begins with caring for your body that is your temple.

Welcome to the next step in your anti-aging evolution. My research, drawn from 40 years experience as a pioneer in the health and beauty industries, has resulted in the development of transformational information and techniques to turn back the aging process. Use this information and jumpstart your rejuvenation!

I am passionate about the sacred power of beauty. Using my natural and organic regeneration tips and processes, you can look forward to creating a healthy lifestyle filled with vibrant energy. This includes conscious eating and cooking, good nutrition, total organic body care, and your beauty practices: hair, skin, makeup, and wardrobe.
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Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Ayurveda is the oldest holistic system of mind-body healing and health maintenance in the world. It is a complete medicinal system and emphasizes the importance of the mind in affecting the health of the body. Balance is a key concept. For your body to be free of disease, your mind must be in balance, and that balance will naturally extend to the body. This balance includes your diet, which is considered to be the basis of good health.
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Ayurvedic Cookbook

Elaine Dodson's Ayurvedic Cookbook - Cooking For The GuruI have completed my first cookbook - "Cooking For The Guru - A Karma-Free Diet", it is intended as a “starter” book. In it, you will learn how to cook some delicious new recipes, stay younger longer and be healthier!

It tells a story of my journey to consciousness about the nature of eating and of food itself, understanding the choices I make, and the impact these choices have on me and the world. My journey led me to the science of Ayurveda as the highest expression of consciousness and purpose – eating beautiful, delicious, health-producing and rejuvenating dishes designed to interact with my body and my world in an optimal way.
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